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Shrinking World News


This class is over but your training has just begun. I am eager to stay engaged with you and provide ongoing assistance for your journey.

I am launching a new program to stay connected with students.  I hope that this will develop into a full-fledged training service that goes far beyond UNC.

Benefits of Shrinking World News

  • Learn and apply web development skills
  • Build open source platforms for sharing knowledge
  • Provide a meeting place for collaboration

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Monthly News Features

Shrinking World News is a subscriber service that will publish a monthly email newsletter.  Sign up is free, easy, and you can unsubscribe when you no longer find it useful.

Get notified of upcoming events like hackathons, webinars, course updates, new courses, blog articles.

  • Tips & Tricks
    • Recipes for getting large benefits for a small amount of effort.
    • Tutorials on technical topics
    • Demo code to illustrate tricks
  • Resources
    • Highlights one technology each month
    • Learning resources for quick start
  • Training Courses
    • Features training courses by Shrinking World and others
    • Information about updates to published courses
    • New course announcements
  • Special Projects
    • Open source software projects
    • Free software available to use
    • Invitation to contribute
  • Collaborator Network
    • Ongoing interaction with interesting people
    • Job hunting¬† interactions and resources
  • Special events
    • Group discussions
    • Webinars
    • Social meetups
    • Hackathons

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