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Gratitude for My Family

Pandemic Lock-down

During the pandemic we have experienced hardships that none of us had ever thought possible. The trauma has not been experienced evenly. Dark times always fall hardest on the most vulnerable. Fortunately our family has been spared from most of the physical hardship that so many have had to face.

The social trauma, on the other hand, has been intense for us. We have all been deeply wounded by lost relationship with friends and family and church members. The prevailing social meltdown and the seduction of falsehood has had a profound impact on our sense of well-being and emotional health.

It has been two years since we have had any meaningful contact with others. Health concerns required us to avoid all of the social activities that were such a big part of our life.

Our interactions online have become a poor substitute for real human interaction. The political polarization and the sweeping hysteria that has swept our land has left us all traumatized and wondering if real connection to others is even possible.

The Bright Hope

Amid all this doom and gloom, I realized how important my family is to me. We were trapped in a bubble with 10 of my favorite people. During this time, we were totally cut off from the rest of the world in a way that I never thought possible.

Being in close quarters led to inevitable friction and minor disagreements. But the prevailing memory that I will have of the pandemic years is one of mutual respect and tranquility. Trapped in the bubble could have been very difficult, but it actually led to a much deeper understanding of each other.

I want to thank each of you for reminding me of who I am and what I value most. I will always treasure what we learned together. We become aware of just how intertwined our destinies are linked.

You are my tribe and I and grateful for each of you.

  • Mark, Stacie
  • Christine
  • Josiah, Sam, Cassie
  • Rachel, Andrew, Ruby, Valor

Each of you are extraordinary people and it has been my privilege to have you in my life. Wherever our paths lead I hope to go there with you. Thank you for all that you have meant to me. Our lives have all been enriched.