Dad's 90th Birthday

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Dad's 90th Birthday

In honor of my father on his 90th birthday, we threw a big party.

Words were said and things were done.

I read a couple of articles I wrote to celebrate the occasion.

I've posted them here for the enjoyment of anyone that missed the event.

10 things I love about dad

  1. Says what he thinks.

  2. When they zig he zags.

  3. Courage for the adventure

  4. Takes charge

  5. Strives for perfect

  6. Moves toward the battle

  7. Makes it happen

  8. Lifelong learner

  9. Contribution

  10. Stays engaged

I've Become My Father

I don't know exactly when if happened. But one day I looked in the mirror and saw my dad looking back. This really shocked me!

As a child my mother used to say that I was a carbon-copy and something about an acorn. This was appalling to me since I am nothing like him.

As a young man I vowed that I would be completely different and held him up as an example of what I did want to become. All his dysfunctions were on display and acted as a cautionary tale of what I did not want for my life.

But at 50 I had a startling revelation. The man in the mirror is my dad ... not exactly but close enough for discomfort.

Let's review the checklist.

  • Traveled throughout the world - check
  • Fascinated by other cultures - check
  • Lives in a world of ideas - check
  • Writes books - check
  • Teaches college - check
  • Obsessed with completing the current project - check
  • Constantly reading (over 1000 books read) - check
  • Driven to achieve - unlimited ambition - check
  • Chooses task over people - check
  • Extremely opinionated with a high trust for his own judgement - check
  • Be in control of everything - check
  • Finds people generally foolish and irritating - check
  • Proud of personal accomplishment - check
  • Struggle to trust others - check
  • Willing to reject those who offend - check
  • Regularly top of the class - check
  • Smartest guy in the room - check
  • Struggles with aspects of autism - check
  • Makes rules to manage everything in life - check
  • Organized and clear thinking - check
  • Articulate when presenting ideas - check
  • Plans ahead for all contingencies - check
  • Despises fanatics and extremists - check
  • Never backs down from a fight when he knows he's right - check
  • Boiling emotions beneath the surface, but fears expressing them - check
  • Must be in charge - check
  • Fearful of a dark future closing in - check
  • Perfectionist - check
  • Rather be respected and admired than adored - check
  • Desire to be benevolent dictator - check
  • Wants to make the world better -check

There are a lot of specific details in this list. I have never met another person that is as much like me.

All of my best traits come from my father, as do all of my worst traits.

As I look in the mirror I accept it for what it is ... HERITAGE.

Thank you, Dad, for making me who I am!

Party Comments by Mark Seaman