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The First 25 Years


After 25 years of marriage it seemed like we were just starting out. There was still so much we did not know about each other. I've recently been been pondering the celebration of marriage that we did for our 25th anniversary.

We decided to mark the occasion with a renewal of vows and a giant celebration with our friends and family. The event was truly memorable and meaningful. Too often our lives are filled going from one challenge to another. But celebration is a critical part of our emotional and social health.

After two years of pandemic lock down these types of events have taken on a new significance. Now is the time to focus on rebuilding what has been lost and moving to the next chapter of our lives.

Time Moves On

We are currently living through a very dark time, in our world and in our personal lives. Hopes and dreams now look so different to me than they did at earlier moments in my life. Some days I feel like I'm barely holding one. Anger, Fear, Sadness, and Shame gnaw at me like never before.

And yet, there is a new hope. My relationship with God is better than it has been ever. My overall emotional health and resiliency is at an all-time high. I am far more aware of my journey of transformation into the person that I want to truly be.

Looking Back

In trying times it is more necessary to be intentional about celebrating the good things in life. This has a dramatic impact on our resiliency and our ability to cope with problems in the future and present.

I've recently been pondering this and am trying to be more intentional about what I focus on. I have already been granted an extraordinary life full of adventures and love. Sure, I've had my share of heartbreak, disappointments, and challenges, but overall it has been a life characterized by things I value.

At our 25th Anniversary celebration I built a slide show to celebrate our family. Recently watching this I've been deeply moved by how rich our lives have been and how meaningful my family is to me.

This event captured a snapshot of a moment in our lives. This was 18 years ago but still packs a punch. I realize that even at that time my life goals had already been met for the things that matter most.

Rethink Your Life

When the dark times come, and they will, it is a good time to think deeply about what we want most in life. What is your treasure that you are willing to sacrifice everything for? This is an invitation to be something more.

This slide show is a snapshot of my life. I invite you to watch this Seaman Family Slide Show and ponder your own life story. Everyone has a unique story.

Who are the people that have been the foundation of your life? What have they meant to you? How can you let them know?